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GK ROBOTEK Engineering & Automation was incorporated in the year 2014 as a state-of-the-art, Turn-key Automation Solution provider and one stop solution expert for efficient Engineering products & services.

GK ROBOTEK started with a goal of making Robotic Automation and Engineering Solutions more affordable to a far wider market than ever before by providing high quality engineering solutions, supported with quality services on time.

We provide customers with Turn Key Automation solution in all Robotic Applications. We also supply products Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS), Apparel Paint Booth (APB) and Robotic Lab Automation (RLA)-Concepted, Designed, developed and marketed by us.

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Why Automation ?

Many customers think of Automation, but not everyone is understands the reasons for the need for Automation. It is quite essential to find out & understand TOP REASONS before opting for Automation

Inconsistent Output

High volume business need assured and consistent output. This is the most important demand from end customers to meet their production targets. The manual process will not be able to guarantee this due to many factors.

Less Efficiency in Manual Process

Since the consistent, quality output is dependent on the skilled manpower employed, efficiency of the production varies depending upon the skill level, energy level and consistency level of the operator/skilled manpower. Typically 60~ 70% efficiency is achieved maximum

Shortage of Trained Manpower

Continuous production in shifts calls for highly skilled and trained manpower deployment all the time. With the attrition rate being high in the manufacturing industry, getting skilled works from outside is a very big challenge and a concern for the customer