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Automated Blood Sampling – Automatic Lab

Laboratory automation is one methodology to improve the efficiency of blood sample analysis process. However, care need to be taken to ensure clean room environment, clean handling and proper labelling of the samples to ensure accurate and timely analysis of blood samples. The challenge lies in the coordination of many elements in the procedure, to ensure that all steps are optimized, rather than just a few aspects.

Here we have used 6 axes articulated Industrial Robot for the automation of sampling process. This system can be extended for further automation of the process as per various requirements.

The Robot along with other lab equipment is used to

  • handle various vials with different samples for different testing purpose.

  • Draw required samples with accurate quantity from the main viol for different tests and dispense it to the baby viols and then cap them.

  • Move the vials to different locations for different testing purposes, by identifying the color of the caps.

  • With this automation, we can avoid the exposure of lab technicians to the hazardous environment.

Wherever the No-man handling, clean room, Accurate and timely process is required, this automation is of significance.

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